Number of Teams

Each Club may register one or more teams in each category in which they are registered. Our goal is to allow the participation of all teams that desire to do so.

It is recommended that registration is done as soon as possible.

Accomodation Reservations

It’s requested that the number of places reserved on the Form be as close as possible.

Nevertheless, until June 1 this reservation may be modified. After these date last minute reservations cannot be guaranteed.

Remember that the chauffeur is another component of the team, and if it is desired that he stays with the team, it is advisable to include him in the reservation and the form.

List of players

The list of players may be sent through our web page, before June 1.

The first and last names of all players must be indicated (players and technical team) as well as their dates of birth and National I.D. or Passport numbers.